martes, 26 de julio de 2011


This is a description about my favorite place for vacation.

Punto Fijo is a place for vacation. It is from Falcon (Venezuela). The weather is very hot. Punto Fijo has beautiful beaches. They are great for: relaxing, surfing and swimming. You should wear:

Unit 11 clothing

1 Makes: treats patients.
2 Where he works: in a hospital, clinic.
3 What is your occupation: Doctor.
4 What is your personality: Nice, intelligent, safe.

1 Makes: Advocates for people with.
2 Where he works: Court, prosecution, in his own office.
3 What is your occupation: Lawyer
4 What is your pesonality: Intelligent, certain seriuos.

Take the 2 surveys.


We are the World.!

This is a video that makes a nice reflection for all people

This video speaks of the union, the love, the hope and help people when they need us and not look back to lend a hand.

  As can see in the video all together can succeed.